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The Importance of Writing Well

In a survey of business leaders done by the National Commission on Writing, 80 percent said that writing skills were an important part of the hiring process, and according to the Wall Street Journal, the top complaint among recruiters is inferior communications skills. As these comments show, writing well is a necessary part of a successful career, and because of the growing emphasis on exchanging information, language skills are more important than ever before. Business people who never expected to be doing much writing find that the Internet forces everyone to exchange written messages. Misspelled words, poor grammar, sloppy punctuation, clich├ęs and buzz words – all of these faults stand out when printed. Poor writing reflects badly on us, and it limits the influence we can have on others. Excellent writing correlates with the ability to think critically and create persuasive plans. As you enter the business world, you will want to feel confident about your writing skills, so MGMT 4070W is an important part of your education.

Remember that people who communicate well climb to the top, and those who can make the complex clear become stars in their industries.